How to earn money by uploading videos on Facebook?


Make Money from Facebook, Make Money form Posting, how to make Money from Page Likes, Make Money from Affiliate on Facebook All of these will be heard and I am sure many people earn money through this. I have told you about this all the previous pages.But today I am going to tell you a New idea how to earn money through Facebook. Which has recently been announced by Facebook if you are making a video or you make money by uploading videos on YouTube. So now you can earn money by uploading videos on Facebook.


If you are You Tuber, you will know YouTube gives less money. If you upload your video on Facebook, you can earn money from there. If you are interested in uploading a video on Facebook, then read this article completely.


How to earn money by uploading a video on Facebook?


You will have to wait a few days to pay for the cost of uploading a video on Facebook so that the test is still going on in America. And Facebook has said that this service will be launched in India and the whole world for 1 or 2 months.


After that, you can make money by uploading a video on Facebook and by monetizing video. From this start-up of Facebook, you will be benefiting from YouTuber and all the people who have a Facebook account,


If you are YouTuber, you can earn from both side by uploading both YouTube and Facebook.


There are a lots of people who do not have a YouTube channel, so people can earn money by uploading a video on Facebook.


Like YouTube, Facebook will retain 45% of your income and 55% of you will get it.


When you show any ads on YouTube on the Views of the Upload Videos on Facebook, you get the option of Skip after 5 seconds, because of which Revenue does not know about the video, but Facebook does not have the option of Skip. If you see any video on Facebook, then 90 Seconds will see advertisements which will generate more revenue for your videos and you will earn extra money. If you are an advertiser, you will get the benefit of watching free advertisements on Facebook for YouTube. Facebook is not the option of Skip on Facebook. If you pay ads to Facebook, then your full ads will be shown.


What types of videos can upload on Facebook?


You can upload all types of videos on Facebook, as you do on YouTube which is the way to upload videos to the Guideline YouTube, the same is also on Facebook, such as


Tech Videos


Trick & tips videos


Entertainment Videos


Fitness Videos


Review Videos


Reactions Videos


You can also earn money by uploading videos on Facebook as well. But if you upload a video that has not been made by any other person or any such video which is not in the Facebook Guide line then you will not get the money. For Example: Copyright Videos, Accident Videos Etc.


Both of them have written about how to make money by uploading videos on Facebook, from where Facebook has started in America and India is also coming soon. If you upload videos to Facebook, you can earn money from them.

You have to be like this and you are happy for us. We get more information about Facebook Video Uploading or Video Demonetization, so we will tell you about it. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this post, comment us.

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