How to link Facebook Page To Adsense Ads , full information

Google Adsense is a good platform for earning by sitting at home, but for this it is important that you should have a good knowledge about adsense. It is easy to earn from online by monetization of Facebook Page.

can also earn by sharing youtube videos on Facebook by  monetizing it from adsense.

Already I have said about affiliate marketing,facebook fan page and group that how can they earn. If not then click  and create Facebook Page.

Today I am going to tell you step by step full information about how to earn. You can earn by embedding youtube video and adding it to facebook and to google adsense ads code.

Friends,please read this post well and then follow. By mistake if you do mistake in code adsense ads will not be shown.


How to put  your adsense code in Facebook,in English


Adsense code to do ads on Facebook it is important that you should have your own youtube channels. After that you can add your video to facebook page,then your adsense account will be approved and you can add ads of video embed code.

Step 1. First type on the Facebook search box, static html – now enter thunderpenny, or click on the bottom…Add thunderpenny to your Facebook Page. A new page will open.


Step 2. It will show all the pages of Facebook account that you have created. Select the one in which you want to show the ads. Click on Add Page Tab.

Step 3. This step is very important, be attentive. If there is any mistake then it will not display adsense ads. The moment you click at once it will open fb Page’s HTML where a text will be written in html index. You have to delete that and create adsense ads unit code and add it.

Step 4. Firstly log in the adsense account then create My Ads Unit and copy your ads code. Then enter on index html 1 and paste ca-pub-OR data-ad-slot= Delete

First look at the bottom of the screenshot then Save and Publish. The video of Facebook on which adsense ads to be shown, upload youtube video on it then click on share button. Copy the youtube video embed code. Press enter for 5 times under the Adsense Ads code and paste it on YouTube video embed code.

Now , finally successful monetization of Facebook will be done. Adsense ads will start up and when someone will click then for this he will get money. Show on screenshot , monetization facebook video on Google Adsense.


friends In this post I  have clearly explained you about what to do to earn money from facebook.

I have shared ,How to add Facebook Page with adsense.

If there are many followers on your fan page and sharing youtube video on facebook,you can earn by adding adsense code.

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