How to make Website or Blog Mobile Friendly and Why ?

If you willing to get top rank in search engines, then your site must be Mobile Friendly because Google indexes website’s mobile version before desktop version. Through this post I will give you information about how to make Website or Blog Mobile Friendly. By following this tutorial you can easily make your site mobile responsive. After all, in last few years’ usage of mobile has increased by 400%. About 20% of users of 15 – 18 years spend their time on smartphone. In 2012, 67% of people said that they like to use more Mobile Friendly sites.

It is clear from all this that today there is a need of professional user friendly website, SEO friendly website and also it should be Mobile responsive. Google has also cleared that it would rank more to Mobile Friendly sites than compared to desktop friendly sites. In this article I am going to tell you how to make Mobile Friendly website in details.

After following these given tips any user can do Mobile optimization of their site.


Why to make website Mobile Friendly


Why to make your website Mobile Friendly? What are the advantage of Mobile Friendly website?

While reading this post this question will definitely come to your mind.

Let me tell you about this. In this world there are more Mobile users than desktop users and compared to PC user like to use internet in mobile. Technology has developed so much that men can do lot of work from their mobile, they don’t need a desktop.

Like I have said above that according to a survey in 2012, 67% of users likes doing online shopping from their mobile. Now 2018 is going to come and technology has more developed, think what percent of people will support mobile.


Here I am telling you about the benefits of making your website Mobile Friendly.


  1. There will be increase in Google search rank

If your website is Mobile Friendly, then your site’s search rank increases and Google will show your articles on top in search results. This increases organic traffic on your site.


  1. Audience site is liked more

your site’s design will be Mobile Friendly the more people will like your site. Even you and me like the good design and responsive website. You only have to do so that your site gets open correctly in all sized devices. Words should not be cut and user should not face any problem while scrolling and linking, clicking buttons. For this you should add less widgets in sidebar and footer.


  1. Better Future of Website

In upcoming times there is no doubt that there will be increase in number of mobile users. In this situation if your site is not fully Mobile responsive then in future visitors can start ignoring your site and lessen your site’s traffic. If you are a blogger then your wish will be that your blog should be liked by both, Google search engine and readers and there should be more and more traffic on your blog. If yes, then start making your site as Mobile Friendly.

How to make your Website Mobile Friendly?

If your website or blog has made on WordPress, then it is already Mobile Friendly because all the themes made for blogging platform on WordPress is Mobile Friendly.

But there are many other reasons for your WordPress blog is not Mobile Friendly or your site has not made on WordPress. So if your site is not Mobile Friendly then from the given ways in this post you can make your site Mobile Friendly.

The full information about How to make your Website Mobile Friendly in English


  1. Choose Mobile Friendly Theme


If your blog is on WordPress or bloggers platform, then you only select Mobile Friendly themes or templates. You can get thousands of mobile responsive ready themes on both WordPress and BlogSpot. After choosing Mobile Friendly Theme you don’t have to do anything or you can do basic settings. Then you can focus on writing a content and how to publish and promote it. Go to dashboard Appearance>> Themes option and click on Add New. Here you will get thousands of themes which are truly Mobile optimizer. Whichever design you like choose it and install it on your blog. Go to dashboard left sidebar Theme option in BlogSpot and click on the liked theme. Then click on Apply to Blog option and activate the Theme.


  1. Use Mobile Plugins


There are many such plugins in WordPress which helps to make your site Mobile Friendly. Some plugins can convert website into full mobile version. If your theme is not full mobile ready then you can use these plugins.

Here I am telling you about some official plugins to make your WordPress website mobile responsive.

Jetpack: This plugin can fully convert your site into mobile website. Other than this it has features like- image speed up, traffic report, share buttons and related post.

WP Touch Mobile Plugin, WP Mobile Pack, Any Mobile Theme Switcher, WP Mobile Edition, Mobile Smart Plugin


With the help of these plugins you can make your site ready mobile optimizer.


  1. Keep Simple Design


The simpler your Website Design will be the more users can understand your site’s features. You are the boss of your site and you can do whatever you like but don’t make your site’s look in such a way that users cannot understand it’s features. Example, Google is the world’s top website and search engine, you can see it’s look is so simple user may get bored after some time, some day or after some months of beautiful and Colourful website design, but a user has no problem with simple design website.


  1. What to Do If There Is No Blog On WordPress


If your blog is not present in WordPress or Blog Spot blogging platform, then it is simple that you have developed your Website or you have built it by other developer. “If you have developed your Website by using third party developer, programming language from web development company, coding, etc. then to make it Mobile Friendly you have to take help from any Mobile developer.” Or if you made your site by your own then you can make it mobile responsive from coding. For this you will need mostly CSS coding. There are many mobile friendly test tool available on internet which can help in this.


  1. Mobile Friendly Website Tips


If you are searching tips to make your Website Mobile Friendly in Google, then you don’t have to search more. It may happen that you have come to this post for any Mobile Friendly Website Tips and Tricks. I have already shared 10 tips and tricks in the post of 10 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly. In this post you will get 10 tips to make your site Mobile optimizer.


  1. Create Mobile Version Of Your Website


If your site has too many traffic, then you can handle desktop and mobile traffic separately. You can make your site in 2 parts, one on desktop version and other in mobile version. This will separate your desktop and mobile traffic. You may have seen that many websites when opened in mobile they open up by type.

For example, you can open any most popular website like,etc. On mobile or desktop and see. The advantage of this is that you can design separately for both mobile or desktop so that mobile user do not face any problem in desktop design and a desktop user do not face any problem in mobile version.


  1. Make Your Website Fast Loading


When we open any website in a browser, we wait for it to load, 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds or for 5 seconds. If the site does not load within this time, we ignore it and move to open other site.

However, you have only few seconds to load your site.

If your site do not open in this few seconds then it is no use of having your site  Mobile Friendly, SEO friendly, User Friendly. So make your site a speed up one. For this you have to use less sidebar widget, footer widget.


I hope this article will help you in making your website Mobile Friendly and after some time your site will be fully Mobile Friendly. If you know any other information about making your site Mobile Friendly, then share your knowledge in comment box and help our readers.

If your site is fully Mobile Friendly, then you don’t need any Android app or other application.

After all, making your site 100% Mobile responsive you are not satisfied then you can use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and give your site a speed like mobile apps. If you want to make your site SEO friendly and user friendly, then read this post.

If you liked this post, then share it more and more in social media with other people so that they can also make their site Mobile Friendly.


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