Top 10 Reasons for getting forbidden from Adsense!

Top 10 Reasons – you may get a caution,you may get interrupted or you may just get prohibited.


  1. Commit Google Don’ts

The best thing is to avoid is any of the Google Don’ts. Cloaking, Keyword stung and title stacking are always prohibited from Google searches. There are also ways to get prohibited from Adsense. When you add Adsense ads on your site, your site is far more visible to Google and it is much more likely that your breaking of rule will be caught.

  1. Click on your own Ads

No matter how intresting, do not ever click on your ads. This may be the only reason for the suspension or prohibition of your site. It is a form of click fraud and Google is very good at finding this, even if you think you are safe on your tracks. Don’t allow anyone to click on your ads who uses any computer in your home. Make sure that you significant other and children are aware of rules or you could jeopardize your standing with Google.

  1. Hide your ads

It might be necessary to hide h ads by making them of same colour as your background or camouflaging them on areas with busy background images. You are stpaid for page views, so invisible ads will pay right? Don’t even do it. This breaks Google’s Terms of Service and it’s easy to get caught.

Do not study your ads far below the rest of the content either. Clicks pay better than page views. So it is to your benefit to have important ads. Try to make the ads look like they belong to your page.

  1. Beg for Clicks

Don’t hold on ad click contests,beg or even give big hints that people should click on your ads. They can prohibit you if they find you begging for Clicks anywhere on the Web, including pages that are not related to your Adsense pages. Google also stops labelling your ads with a language stronger than “sponsored links”. This is really for everyone’s benet. Pages that request for Clicks are usually not great and do not help the advertisers. Note: it’s never to have contests on your website that are not related to ad clicking or other rule breaking, such as “best photo” contests.

  1. Change the code

Adsense generates JavaScript code that you can copy and paste directly into the HTML of your Web page. If you need to change the color or size of your Ads, you have to generate new code from Adsense. Don’t make changes from your Web page editing program or tweak it by hand. If you put Adsense in blogger,google will generate the code for you within the blogger.

Use Roots to Click on your Site

Don’t use any sort of automated tool to innate your page views or click on your ads. This is fraud of the highest order and Google is very sophisticated at catching this. This will easily let you banned. Likewise, don’t use schemes that work by humans and paid for Clicks either. No trading clicks with other Adsense users and no pay for clicking schemes. It’s advertisers wanted to pay people for clicking, they would have signed it up for themselves.

  1. Let the people know how much you earn for each


Google is very particular about how much you expose works of Adsense. They don’t allow you to disclose people about how much you are paid for each keyword, because this could jeopardize revenue from AdWords advertisers. Be cautious of anyone who tries to sell you this information.

  1. Make Pages Specially To Display Ads

Google says that you cannot make Pages only to show ads, whether the page content is relevant or not.

Many websites, including make money from ads

Google itself makes most of its money from its advertising. What is the difference between sponsored ad content and content for the sake of ads? When you open your site your first thought should be  about creating a content not about ads.

Avoid leaving empty spaces

for the sake of generating keywords and also avoid lengthy copy paste works just to make more pages.

Whatever page you publish it should have a purpose content.

  1. Make Content About Taboo Topics

Google has a strict list of content standards and it doesn’t accept Adsense on pages that are violating it.

These include sites that promotes or sells: alcohol, certain weapons, restore tobacco drugs. This is a silly rule to violate because adsense is generated keyword so it’s absolutely easy for you to get caught. If you have a content that violates such rules for example beer making supply store, they may be legitimate sites,but Adsense is not for you.

  1. Cheat in any other way

This is nothing related to comprehensive list. I am sure there are many ways to game the system that Google has not found out about…yet. Adsense is constantly changing to add new ways to detect click fraud and eventually you will be caught.

The best way to earn income through Adsense is to create good content that is well optimized fir search engines and to promote your site through legitimate channels.

That sounds like a lot of work. However it’s a strategy that won’t get you banned.

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