How to use Hreflang Tag in Website Blog and Why?

In International  target the audience by 2 type.  targeting, country and language.  If you are have multi- language site then this is very important for you. Multiple Language site uses Hreflang attribute but  who are new in blogging  they blogger  have no information about the usage of Hreflang Tag for which they cannot target the blog pages according to language preference. Today I am going to tell you about the solution of this problem. Why to use Hreflang Tag in a blog? How to use Hreflang Attribute in a Website?

Hreflang tags are used in multi-regional and multilingual sites.

For Google‘s information about the content of the site,that is written in different languages we use rel=”alternate” or Hreflang=”x” attributes so that Google can understand page of every language.

You can write your own content in single language and can translate it into multiple Language and publish it as several contents. Example, you may have seen in news sites that in their navigation,option is there in many local language,on clicking it they change the language. Actually their language doesn’t change,the whole content’s language is changed, the meaning of the content remains the same.

It means you can translate your content in many languages and write it but for this you have to say google that how many languages you are using on your site. For this you can use Hreflang Tag.

How to use Hreflang Tag in a Website

When you use the same content on 2 or more than 2 different domain and publish it in multi-language then you don’t need this but when you use same domain to publish your single content in different languages then google has problem that which content is to be shown to which language user.

For this by using Hreflang tags google is told that in this site you will get contents in these languages and which language content is shown to which visitors.This is not any hard work. With the help of Search Console Tools you can finish your work within few seconds. If you are a site owner or a blogger then you must have used Google Webmaster Tools. In Google Master Tool, Search Traffic >> on International targeting option on language you can see error “Your site has no Hreflang tags”.

If you are writing a content in English or in multiple Language then you will get this error in search console. Actually newbie has no information regarding this and he does not focus on this nor he uses it . Let me tell you that if your site uses more than one language then you must use Hreflang Tag.

What is Hreflang tag


Hreflang tag is a method to mark up website pages through which we can inform the search engines about contents different languages and religions.

You can use Hreflang Tag by three ways.

In other language Hreflang Tag is a code which informs the search engines about  the same content which is in multi language. It also informs that for which language which URL content to be shown.

En-us and En-gb:

For religion variations content

En,in and fr:

For Multiple Language content

Different languages and religions variations: For both

you can use two attributes.

For example, you have written an article in English and then the same article with same Content translated in Hindi, French, Spanish then it is necessary to inform Google that which content to be shown to English user and which content to Hindi user.


How to use Hreflang tag


In our site the content is shared in multiple Language. Mostly it takes place in news sites and many of you are  running the news sites. So to bring all language content in top in Google ,means to  make better search rank it is better to use Hreflang Tag in your site. To use Hreflang Tag in Website you can use these meta tags. The language in which your content is shared on your site, that tag is to be used.

And if you want to keep this as default ,means the language in which the content is must use the same language Hreflang Tag. You can use meta tag attribute. This meta code must be added in your website section. Do not direct copy the upper mentioned code and paste it,you have to add your site’s language too.


What are the benefits of using Hreflang tags


Why I am telling you about Hreflang tags and why you all are listening?

I mean  it is necessary to know what are the advantages of using Hreflang Tag.

The biggest question is that what benefits it has from SEO because we want to use this for better SEO so that our site’s search ranking can improve.

First and most important thing  is that, if you write a content in multiple Language and your plan is to target the 2 different languages or 2 religions audience ,or  for the visitors of 2 different countries then you will need to use Hreflang tag.

Use of Hreflang attribute has 2 big benefits which are as follows:

Increase search ranking: By using Hreflang Tag you can inform  search engines about your site’s multilingual content through which search engines can show the content to the same language user.

Means, if anyone search in Hindi then google show him only in hindi without showing him in English.


Avoid duplicate content issue: We all know that to write the same content in multiple Language,we can face duplicate content problem. Google has problem in understanding which is your original content  or whether this content is yours or anyone is coping it.

If you use Hreflang Tag then this won’t happen. Hreflang Tag clears all the confusion that your site shares your content in how many  languages.

In both cases the biggest problem is of duplicate content,whose simple solution is to use Hreflang attribute in your site and solve the problem so that in Google search engine you can have good rank. And on sharing your content in different languages you can have good user experience.


Finally, if you are thinking that you should use Hreflang Tag or not then I will suggest you that, if your site shares the same content in multiple Language then you must use Hreflang Tag.

I am sure from this your site’s search ranking will benefit and google can clearly understand your site’s content and can rank you well.

If you did not understand how to use Hreflang attribute then for more information read the article of using Hreflang tags in right way in Website and ask your questions in comment box.

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