Do you want to create a Blog? – Follow the 3 Easy Step by Step Guide

  1. First Think What You Are Going to Blog About


Firstly, choose a topic for a blog. Is there anything that you are more interested or passionate about? If any then start a blog about it.

When I started my first blog, I was interested in smartphones and new technology gadgets, so I choose that topic. It makes no sense to start a blog about something you have no interest at all. It is much easier to write articles and posts on topics that you are passionate about.

It’s even better when you have been interested in a specific field or an industry for a long time, because you are able an expert.

However, if you don’t have any idea, which topic or niche you want to write about, think about your hobbies or just start blogging on your daily activities, memorable moments or simply about everything.





On internet most of the blogs are made by using the WordPress blogging platform.

WordPress has been downloaded over 65 million times and is used by many popular blogs and websites.

This is why I think WordPress is the best way to start your blog:

You can select different layouts and free themes.

You can easily write blog posts and add pictures or images to your blog.

People can comment and share your blog etc…

Free is not FREE…

Yes, you can create a free blog on a or, but they are not actually free.

Now, let me tell you why…you are not able to get your OWN domain-

Instead, you will get a sub- domain.

My blog (start blogging has its own domain, but if I had decided to start a blog on (for example), then it would look like start blogging bit clumsy, isn’t it?

They are lacking of different themes/layouts and plugins – in other words, your blog will be blank and boring. If you want additional themes or plugins to customize your blog, you have to pay…. a lot.

You cannot control your blog- Your blog is hosted on another site, you are not the “owner” of t this property.

If moderators decide that your blog does not tackle with their policies (which can happen quite often), they can delete your blog without any warning or information. In short, whatever hard work and time you have given to create a blog will be vanished within few seconds.

You won’t be able to earn money through blogging. – Yes, you CAN make money with blogging, like lots of people are earning. If you want to earn money from your blog, you are unable to do it on free blog. They won’t allow you to do so. Even if they do so ,they want their own share, which is usually 50%.

However, if you don’t plan to blog more than few months or you are on a low budget then definitely start with a free blog.

A self-hosted blog on your own domain (your is by far the better option.

It gives you full control over your blog you will look more professional.

It proves good for those people who want to blog on long term, share their knowledge, become a blogger and start earning.


Not much. It will cost approximately$10 a year and a hosting (service that connects your blog to the Internet) is around $4-$7 a month (less than a movie ticket). All total $50 a year. The good thing about this type of blogging is that you don’t have to be committed.

If blogging is not your cup of tea, you can cancel it at anytime and many services have 90 days money back policies as well.




It is smart choice If you decided to go with a self-hosted blog on your own domain,

Finding a great domain name can take a while, but it’s worth it. My suggestion you should pick something brand able and easy to remember. Let’s say you are planning to start a fashion blog. or is not a great idea. But why?

It is hard to remember  long domain name People easily forget and when they again visit to your blog they are forget your domain name. So you have to choose something memorable, such as or something similar. As an alternative, you can just use your name, for example:

In short, your domain name should be:


Easy to remember



It is better to get a domain and hosting from the same place so I usually advice. By this you can save some money as well as time. In the beginning when I was new in this field while have been creating and managing blogs, I have notes that there were very few reliable hosting companies. There were several hosting companies in the past. Just to mention some of them: Blue host, Fat cow, Hesitator, Dream host.

Their customer support was not professional and they have no too much exper

ience due to this they took a lot of time to get in touch.  (page loading time) was little slow. The reason was simple they aren’t that bad, actually): THEY WERE OVERSELLING their services. They don’t give as required afford to improving their current service support and valuing their current customers as much they focused to on getting more and more new clients.

Web Hosting Hub One of the most reliable one also I am currently using. Their service is quite reasonable and cheaper compared with others and they are well-known for their great customer support via email and phone (24/7). For beginners Web Hosting Hub is also good too, as they have a “1-Click-Blog-Installation” feature that is focused on WordPress blogs and websites. You simply click few buttons and your self-hosted blog on your own domain is ready.

Of course, you can use any other hosting company and I have included a tutorial on how to install your blog manually as well. If you decide to go with a different hosting company, then make sure they ore unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. It will secure that they will help you to avoid problems later on.

You have two options to install your blog to your own domain:

  1. A) With “One-Click-Installation” using Webhosting Hub (You’ll get a domain from there as well). B) Manually.

The One-Click-Installation is better for beginners or those who are trying to set up their first blog. If you are internet/computer savvy, then have a look at the manual tutorial. Either way, you’ll get your blog online very quickly

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